I am going to be very presumptuous and guess that secret: you are feeling incredibly alone in this really fucked up world.

Yo, me too.

Me. Too.

I feel different because, like, I don't want to make you "better at time management" or "be kinder."

I think that is a form of violence against your humanity because it forces you to exit the truth of what you are experiencing as a human.

If we feel shitty, we should be allowed to feel shitty.

And when we're allowed to feel whatever we want, nobody gets to have any power over us because no one gets to dictate how we experience life.

When you join my community, we have conversations around how to actually experience the garbage so that we can expand our capacity for it all.

(Instead of avoiding them or escaping them because that is a lie.)

Fair warning: There is a chance that you may fall so hard in love with me that you may want to work with me.

Which is not the worst thing because my pricing is accessible to everyone.

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